An Earth Family evolution rationally harmonized by Homines pacifice responsabiles

A response to Paul Braterman’s article, “Even on his birthday, don’t say Darwin unless you mean it” ( ).img_20150413_134852_822 .

I think that humanity, as the most complex living species on the Planet-Mother Earth, has the duty of assuming the stewardship and ensuring the harmony of the big Terrian family. Humanity can choose, through elaborate reasoning, the way and the means of the terrestrial survival: in peaceful existence and through moral, responsible education and activities. Humans are the real gods and guardians of Earth, and the best philosophy/religion is shared #EarthFamilyProtection. #AllEarthFamilyForRecovery . See also Kropotkin, defending the importance in the evolution process of the mutual aid against the mathusianization of the evolution theory (Darwin himself emitted reserves towards malthusianism) : , Kropotkin and Darwin – evolution and cooperation ( , Kropotkin and His Theory of Mutual Aid – cooperation, Huxley, Darwin, cooperative communities, guilds, Hobbes ( ), Darwin et Kropotkine, compétion ou solidarité? / Darwin e Kropotkin: competição ou solidariedade? ( ).

I suppose that Darwin was still on the pressure from the social and religious tyrannies. But today, in a socio-knowledge society, we can hope and program for a rationally harmonized survival and decent living on Earth. Let us support not the individualist politics of the survival of the fittest, but the inclusive politics, of the rationally harmonized survival, ”side by side”. The violence and death penalty is forbidden by international laws; the rights to peace and decent, cohabitable living are basic ones, in order to preserve the optimal terrian culture. All that is necessary is good understanding of these superior -also urgently necessary, given the environment decay – survival principles and models, and the sincere and joint respect and application of these. Cf. ”A honest, unfalsified, equitable, Earth peace is imperative” ( ).

In order to support with practicality this progressive theory, I propose the acknowledgement of the human evolution to a new stage, ”Homo pacifice responsabilis” (“Humans pacifically responsible”) – at least partially realized by many humans and necessary for all. I also wish you a Happy rationally harmonized Darwin Day! Let us prepare the future so that inclusive victory prevails ( ).

#DarwinDay #RationallyHarmonizedTerrianEvolution #HominesPacificeResponsabiles


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